Becky Mickletz of Remickz Marketing

Becky Mickletz is the owner and CEO of Remickz Marketing. Remickz creates a full circle experience that will make your company memorable. Remickz provides as little or as many services needed to set you up to stand out and succeed. They focus on both personal and brand development.

What made Becky go off on her own (1:00)

  • While working the nine to five jobs at various marketing an design firms, Becky realized that the one trending factor was that “everyone is trying to get their shit together”

  • She noticed that everyone's figuring it out as they go some more than others. And this was the golden ticket for her, she needed to take advantage of this and build relationships.

  • It was these relationships that would help her succeed, whether it was in that business or as a freelancer, It helped her gain traction, and connect her with other people.

  • Becky knew she had to “take the leap” by quitting her job and seeing how it would go. She then realized that she is actually doing well.

  • Nine years later, and for Becky it feels like it has passed by in  “the blink of an eye”.

Where is she now (2:24)

  • While mostly doing branding workshops and events over the last few years, educating her clients has been a focus over the last few years

  • She found that all the talk about design and using cool terminology meant nothing if her client did not understand what branding is.

  • Becky said that the more she can teach her clients, help them understand her language, the better their relationship would be, and the longer their company would be around.

  • This is what has motivated her to run events such as Now Featuring. This event covered everything from graphic design to negotiating your mental health as a business owner.

  • Becky firmly believes in educating clients, so much so, that she is expanding on the workshop and hosting it quarterly.

Brand Activation (4:45)

  • Becky explains that brand activation is the tangible manifestation of your business and it could be something as small as a business card.

  • She indicates how you need to look at branding as a whole, it is not just about looking good or cool, because anyone can do that.

  • For Becky, it is important to do more than just create a cool logo and having it shared on social media

  • She feels that you need to create real experiences with her audience, bring them into your space, have good conversations and create memories.

Branding Process (7:00)

  • During the branding process, Becky indicates that for her the biggest questions asked out of the gate are related to the audience.

  • She feels that the biggest mistake people make is they take the concepts created and they asked their entire friend and family group for opinions.

  • Becky states that when redefining a client's unique selling proposition goes back to redefining who they actually want to attract, and who they are attracting.

  • She says that once that is done it’s all about fine tuning it and trying some new things out

Brand Check-up (20:00)

  • Becky says that when business owners move towards doing a “brand checkup “ they should start by checking in with the type of clients are attracting

  • She says that giving away free stuff is probably the worst thing you could do to attract clients.

  • For her, the next step would be revisiting your mission statement. Go back and revisit the reasons you started and who you wanted to attract.

  • It is also part of the process to check what your competitors are doing

  • And finally opening up a conversation with your mentors or people in your field. Seeing what they are doing and learning from them.

Running Social Media with a Small Team (22:45)

  • Becky explains that outsourcing the things you don't enjoy doing can sometimes really bring new energy to you as a business owner

  • She explains while outsourcing is great, budgets and constraints need to be considered.

  • Becky highlights LinkedIn as a great resource, and can't understand why more people aren’t using the platform.

  • Finances and taxes have been her weaknesses as a business owner, and she has taken steps to improve those aspects of her business, and personal development by using various tools such as QuickBooks and other project management tools.

Becky’s Book Recommendation

In Purple Cow, first published in 2003 and revised and expanded in 2009, Godin launched a movement to make truly remarkable products that are worth marketing in the first place. Through stories about companies like Starbucks, JetBlue, Krispy Kreme, and Apple, coupled with his signature provocative style, he inspires readers to rethink what their marketing is really saying about their product. In a world that grows noisier by the day, Godin's challenge has never been more relevant to writers, marketers, advertisers, entrepreneurs, makers, product managers, and anyone else who has something to share with the world.

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