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This episode welcomes Chad Burmeister, CEO of ScaleX.AI. Chad spends some time talking about his the in-depth information on their company and how AI for sales can speed up processes in prospecting and reaching out to more clients

With his vast knowledge in the sales and technology, Chad provides insights on how their company can help companies grow. He also provides recommendations on tools and apps that can be beneficial for prospecting and sales.

Chad’s beginnings

  • Chad has been selling even before he graduated from Colorado State University.He saw an opportunity in the generation of salespeople who are graduating from college recently while running the global sales team at RingCentral

  • He set out to collapse the time it takes from 15 minutes to write one email down to 15 seconds using AI and that is what his company is doing for 14 months now

About ScaleX.AI (00:38)

  • Scalex.AI is a provider of sales acceleration software and services. They use artificial intelligence to help sales teams increase the number of sales activities that they do on a daily, weekly, monthly basis, typically resulting in a two times revenue impact

  • Evolution in technology is the main reason for introducing artificial intelligence into sales and its main purpose is to enhance the utilization of other sales resources.

Best Practices for Efficient Sales (05:41)

  • Many people have moved to digital communications and left phone conversations off their lists. He points that investing time in phone conversations can be a great way to get more meetings, even today.

  • AI can’t do everything to close a client. There is still heavy lifting involved as the AI will speed up processes, but the salesperson will still need to be good at what they do.

Sales Automation Using ScaleX.AI (10:48)

  • ScaleX automates email, phone and social. For dialing, it is ramped from 20 to 40 dials to 250 to 500 dials in just 2 to 3 hours using the automation.

  • Their email technology basically takes a feed from a lead source, puts it into the sequence, and then personalizes every email for the salesperson based on over 100 million data points.

  • Using social automation, ScaleX ensures that a rep consent 50 to 100 social connection requests per day.

Chad’s Tips for Getting Started with Sales Automation (18:17)

  • Chad provided recommendations of using the ScaleX one-click personalization plugin leveraging it with tools Salesloft or Outreach for a starter version of the email features. This generally doubles open rates with five times better reply rates.

  • Chad encourages to add the automated agent assisted dialing as it often triples dialing activity.

  • Lastly, he recommended to use LinkedIn Helper as it helps connect with more people with programmatic outreach rather than manual typing the same thing every time.

Chad’s Book Recommendation

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