Chad Sanderson of Value Prime Solutions

Chad’s beginnings

  • With over 20 years of broad based experience from global marketing to enterprise sales, Chad learned what he is passionate about.

  • Mentoring, coaching other sales professionals and organizations to get better excite him. The key to his sales success was his training in the ValueSelling Framework 17 years ago where he has stayed in contact with the individuals who did the training and the business they were running. That opportunity influenced him to be a franchisee for the organization.

  • He wants to make sure that he is doing something that he is passionate about - helping other individuals with subject matter that he has some expertise in.

Chad’s solution of choice (02:38)

  • Chad’s training 17 years ago, gave him tools that’s not just focused on sales or marketing. The training enlightened him how to do it, how to have value based conversations whether it be for internal alignment in the organization I was in or with prospects or as a way to create personas.

  • He explains that the framework and the methodology that they teach is simple, very easy to understand, very pragmatic and very easy to adopt, that he could coach to it, mentor to it and inspire teams with it. At the same time he could do data analytics from it which made it really his solution of choice.

  • As he became an executive, he thinks that the challenge is to make sure, if you're investing in training your sales or marketing teams, that it's something they're actually going to use and will provide them value.

  • Chad shares that in sales, they want to make sure they're having as many conversations as possible structured in a way that is going to provide the most value to both parties.

  • Their sales framework does not only focus on sales, but also on organizational alignment, marketing, and sales enablement.

Breaking down walls in smaller companies (06:02)

  • According to Chad, they provide tool set that gives marketing and sales a common language and a common framework.

  • It enables them to clearly understand each other’s needs. They can get to a point where they understand each other's vision and acknowledge what each party has to bring to the table in order to optimize the revenue generation results.

  • It may take a little while sometimes to master, but it does provide huge dividends for sales and marketing teams, especially when you know there's aggressive growth.

  • Through their value prompter tool, it's very easy for everybody to be on the same page and generate impressive results.  

Communication within the team (07:48)

  • Chad talks about the people in the team and their differences.

  • Older and more experienced ones have a lot of perspective through which they view the current marketplace, their current employer, the current sales and marketing landscape.

  • He thinks that people that have been around a little bit longer are struggling at times with the speed at which multichannels evolve and which channels are okay to use. It’s more of the decorum.

  • On the other hand, Chad thinks that millenials or the younger end are very comfortable with technology. For them those touchpoints can stimulate the sense of connectedness that may not be necessary at all times.

  • In order for them to interact more effectively with other people in a business environment, they are equipped with tools the close that age gap and help them, regardless of industry expertise, have more effective conversations with people.

  • Chad mentions that sometimes they need to tweak the tool a little and introduce some technology and how that works. They teach the tools and the frameworks leveraging that technology.

  • He says that at the end of the day, it's all about getting into that common language and framework.

  • Chad discusses a challenge that a lot of their larger global customers have - mix of people.

  • Internally, there may need to be some understanding of what's the standard operating procedure for communications.

  • When people in a team have a framework where they can have a consistent type of conversation, there will be increases in efficiencies and impacts because everybody does their part well. Everybody's on the same page.

Building an inner team communication (12:52)

  • Chad says that to be able to facilitate that inner team communication, his team typically uses an online class to give everybody that kind of introduction.

  • Then, they do classroom training where they practice the conversations, the behaviors that are necessary to make it work.

  • The training is participant centered. They engage in activities so that as they're going through the process of implementing the framework, they're starting to see the advantages of it.

  • After the workshop, Chad’s team puts up together some type of reinforcement, coaching or mentoring to make sure the learner has access to the information and the support when and how he needs it.

  • Chad’s team has an extremely integrated learning management system that allows them to pull in video, audio, podcast, content quizzes, gamification, etc., designed in such a way that it's going to be optimal for the team that they will work with.

Applying the system in own business (14:20)

  • Chad affirms that they use their sales methodology to sell it.

  • It's a living, breathing approach based on proven formulas and tools that they then are able to bring a timely context too as they implement with clients.

  • For Chad, there's no better way to prove that you really believe in your product unless you apply it in your own business.

Dealing with shifts in the market (16:44)

  • As an entrepreneur, Chad always looks for ways to make their team more present when somebody wants them to be where they want them to be, when they want them to be there.

  • He shares that there are new tools and new approaches coming out all the time.

  • Every three to four months, Chad and his team dedicate two or three hours in the afternoon to get together as a group. They share ideas that could be utilized to drive more value for the customer.

  • The goal of their team is to make sure that everything they do provides value for their prospects and customers. Although at times, it’s a little more challenging for the team, they've gotten great feedback from clients on how much they appreciate the availability.

Chad’s Book Recommendations

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