Dallas Hogenson of Signal HQ

Dallas Hogenson a co-founder and president of Signal HQ. Signal HQ intelligently combines data and insights from business systems to surface timely, critical information on the companies that are interested in a product or solution that you offer.

What made Dallas go out on his own? (1:00)

  • Dallas explains that he’s been a builder his entire life.

  • Being one of the early employees at companies where he worked meant that he was responsible for building infrastructure.

  • While doing this he realized how to build quickly, get feedback and iterate to move faster.

  • He found a problem that he’s been looking to solve for 7 years and when he met his co-founder he realized that his co-founder had solved the problem.

What is the problem? Describe the moment you realized how to solve it (1:52)

  • Sales and marketing organizations are doing the exact same thing.

  • They take a list of targeted accounts to send messages to but they don’t take into account which ones are interested in talking to them.

  • People reach out to these lists as fast as they can’t even though there is no real relevance in the sales cycle by doing that and they create a lot of noise.

  • Personalization is a good starting point,  you also have to understand what the person you are reaching out to cares about.

  • The next big step in sales and sales technology is relevance.

  • At Signal HG we are showing clients the behavior of companies, what they search for and their content behavior and what they are engaging with.

  • Reaching out them having this information means that you are capable of reaching out around the same type of internal initiative, making you a valuable seller in that process for them.

There’s this new term, revenue officers and executives, what is happening there? (5:03)

  • Sales organizations and marketing organizations are being built as siloed entities.

  • A lot of times these departments are trying to move the same way but move in different directions causing them to but heads.

  • Companies are looking for ways to bridge the gap between sales and marketing.

  • Having the revenue officer or executive there streamlines the process.

  • Anything that touches the customer should have its own miro CEO who can bring all the revenue components into play like sales, marketing and success.

Let’s talk about Signal HQ (8:22)

  • Signal HQ is fairly new. Dallas was introduced to Alex at a dinner in 2018.

  • When Alex showed him what he was doing Dallas was blown away.

  • He didn’t even know that the solution was possible or existed at the time.

  • The company is off to a great start and they are solving a problem that people have.

  • They don’t even have to sell to people, they can see that Signal HQ is solving their problem internally.

How does an organization get started with Signal HQ? (10:14)

  • A good organization is someone who has an established sales and marketing team.

  • They have some technology in place with company data, like a CRM.

  • Signal HQ then links their system up to the CRM and they can show you of the companies in the system which ones are showing an interest in them.

  • The system also shows the customer who their competitors are and companies they are not even thinking of that will be interested in what they do.

  • Traditional CRM is good at showing you the engagement with things you own, Signal HQ is good at showing you engagement with things you don’t own.

Can you break down the Human Design Experience? (14:39)

  • When Dallas was building the enterprise sales forum they were hosting a few hundred different events each year.

  • Some of the top executive talents would be there to talk to different groups.

  • The aim was to give the people a great experience. They knew the content would be good, so they focused on making the experience something people would remember.

  • The designed the spaces to drive interaction, memory and delight.

  • The Human Design experience is how someone feels in their space, what they gather from their interaction and how they go forward.

  • They get the people to be comfortable in these spaces with people they don’t know, and then they hear the speaker talk when they are more open and receptive.

  • He uses the same type of thinking when building a team.

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