Jake Jorgavan of Lead Cookie

Jake is the founder of two fantastic companies in sales and lead gen, he’s a real wealth of knowledge on how to grow your business with outbound tactics.

At Lead Cookie, he helps B2B sales teams generate more leads through done-for-you Linkedin Prospecting. The service is 100% risk free as they have a 30 day money back guarantee. He scaled Lead Cookie from Zero to $33k MRR as a productized service in 6 months.

At Outbound Creative, he helps agencies win their dream clients through custom consulting.  

Prior to starting Lead Cookie, he ran business development for a video production agency and won the business of multiple Fortune 500 clients and A-List touring artists. He doesn’t have an office, but loves Colorado and can be frequently be found traveling the world. He and his team are 100% remote, with no plans to change.

Early beginnings

  • Jake started with  a recording studio at his basement from the age of 16-19 years old where he charges bands $10 a song to record them; into a full-time audio production company. Eventually he paired with another guy as business partners and ended up forming a video production and animation agency; and ended up stumbling into multiple fortune 500 client. He sold his first business to his partner and went into consulting for several years.

  • A year ago, he ramped up Lead Cookie and has been a huge success since it kicked off.

Sales & Systems (~2:30)

  • Jake’s expertise is on building outbound sales process. He thinks that a lot of people struggle to get going or to get that right, so he focused his career on it for several years.

  • His agency started using outbound to grow and get more clients by first running a dream client campaign where their target customers are worth up to the top, like event planners in the industry which led to their first customers closing huge fortune 500 deals.

Starting Lead Cookie (~5:55)

  • Jake came across LinkedIn when he was doing solo consulting. When he got a customer without doing anything that intentional, he dabbled more into using LinkedIn by researching about thought leaders of the industry and learn about their best tactics and how to master the platform.

  • He studied Josh Turner and John Nimmo, looked at what they were doing, teaching, and he went out and started testing the tactics that they were teaching which led into his first-month booking 11 phone calls, had another 10 leads in the scheduling process, then ended up closing three deals within 60 days.

  • When Jake saw that most were focusing on Facebook Marketing and Facebook Advertising and there was almost no one specializing in LinkedIn. He was getting more clients from LinkedIn than anywhere else; this made him focus on the LinkedIn platform and provide a productized service.

Productizing The Service (~9:20)

  • They optimize on people’s profiles, send a four-step drip sequence to prospects on a daily basis and they ramp up traffic to their LinkedIn profile.

  • They just focus on this one thing that they know works and when paired with the right customer, they basically know that they will see results for them.

  • They don’t take things that are custom when people try to push them out of their process.

  • Building out those processes do let them operate at a lower cost

  • They give away scripts and they teach online on their website. They have an ebook where they literally teach all of their tactics (https://leadcookie.com/ebook)

  • He shared their secret sauce which is the organization of the processes and their ability to take all of that time off someone’s daily work.

Ramping up Traffic on your LinkedIn profile (~12:35)

  • Jake introduces Dux Soup, a Google Chrome extension that will basically go visit 500 profiles of target prospects every day which they just use for visiting profiles.

  • It is a tool that will get you more eyeballs on your profile, leading to getting inbound connection requests. You’ll see traffic to your profile jump up by a thousand percent typically after about a month and doing it every day.

  • So if you have your profile optimized, you've got good copy on there, you have an engaging and an engaging headline and a call to action, this can be a great way to drive leads to your business.

  • Dux soup is $15 a month, set this up in five minutes a day. It’s a super quick, easy tactic if you don't have that much time and you're just kind of wanting to ramp this up as another channel.

Sales Analytics and Automation (~15:50)

  • You need to try to be a closer and get people to say, Yes or No as quickly as you can so that they’re not wasting up time or muddying up the middle of your funnel

  • Have a Nurture Status in your CRM. This is super powerful for the people that say, “Hey, not right now”, or anything like that. Add them to an email list or add those to a quarterly follow up where you go through and try to nudge all those.

  • Jake is a big believer in Sales, so having to do personal outreach not trying to automate everything, that even if you outreach to those every 2 or 3 months, that nurture status is super useful.

  • Another tool that Jake uses is Rebump (https://www.rebump.cc/), that if you are operating in Gmail, you can basically do an individual drip campaign. Like while you are writing an email, you can personalize the first email and then set a drip campaign to follow up with that person a few times.

  • This is really useful for people that are in the middle of the funnel, who haven't gotten a call yet, they've expressed interest but haven't engaged yet. There are so many leads that just get stuck in that period before you get them on the phone. Jake finds that that is a really great tool to personalize that first followup with them, but not personalized everyone after that. So it's still more personal than trying to just automate your entire sales funnel.

  • Use of a Virtual Assistant. Jake has a virtual assistant who prepares call briefs every day for him and so he doesn’t have to research any other projects ahead of time or to find them in the CRM. He just gets an email every day with the websites, LinkedIn profiles, CRM links for all his calls for that day and saves time probably 30 minutes a day.

Creating Systems for Virtual Assistants (~21:30)

  • You have to look for the low hanging fruit first or the biggest burden and the biggest pain. Find out how much time would a task save you if you hand it over.

  • Write an SOP or Standard Operating Procedure. Jake blocks out a morning to spend an hour to document while he does the task, he’ll go through it and do the process himself again, write down instructions and take screenshots along the way and normally puts it in a Goole Doc.

  • It’s useful to schedule an hour call to walk your VA through it, send them the document, and have them read it prior to the call. Then do one, show them how it’s done, then shadow them after and let them work on their own. Have your VA ping you for any questions.

Actionable Tips To Get Started With LinkedIn Sales (~24:30)

  • Drive traffic to your LinkedIn profile using Dux Soup

  • Send outbound connection requests on LinkedIn, by sending connection requests on a daily basis using Sales Navigator so you can do a higher volume. Don’t do this without Sales Navigator or you might trip their limits. After you send like 100 connection requests per day to your target customers, when they accept, ask them a question or provoke a conversation around your business in some capacity or what you are offering.

    Check Out: Lead Cookie’s Ebook for scripts, profile optimization tips, and everything else to get started!

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