Jean Ginzburg of Ginball

Jean is the CEO and Founder of Ginball. Jean has been in the digital marketing space for ten years – servicing clients, working with partners and managing strategy.

What made Jean go off on her own? (0:54)

  • Jean felt like she could do a better job working with the client rather than working for an employer and working indirectly with the client

  • She wanted flexibility and the freedom of her own schedule

Does Jean come from agencies or client side? (1:46)

  • She worked for a number of agencies before she started her own business, which is why she started an agency.

  • Jean has expanded a lot more into other parts of digital marketing beyond just agency-style services.

  • She worked for a couple of companies before she went on her own for about six years. Jean has been doing digital marketing for a total of about twelve years. The last five and a half years she has been doing her own transition.

What kind of agency is GinBall? (3:35)

  • Ginball works mainly with e-commerce clients and digital course creators.

  • Their main type of services are direct response, they don’t really do branding but just direct response marketing and social media

  • Everything from identifying your ideal target market to creating a communication strategy to creating a content strategy, and then disseminating that across your website, your social media outlets, and channels.

  • They also do online advertising for Facebook, Instagram and Google Adwords

Jeans’ videos (15:16)

  • Clients say they don’t have time to create video content.

  • Having one piece of content that can be re-purposed into many different ways, and platforms is a great idea.

  • You can create four videos in one afternoon. One video for each week of the month and just have your team re-purpose it and create different content out of it and then put it on many different channels.

More about Jeans’ courses. (18:07)

  • A course on technology and tools within your business to help you stay productive and help you increase revenue, it’s called Tech Up Your Business.

  • Another course about marketing for your Amazon book to make it a bestseller. This is the strategy Jean uses.

  • Rolling out a course about digital marketing.

What are Jean’s plans for when she has her courses running? (19:25)

  • She will keep the courses rolling because there is always new strategies, technologies, and platforms that need to be reviewed.

  • One complaint from business owners she gets all the time is that digital marketing is complex.

  • She is looking at getting on boards for nonprofits. She feels like she had a lot of opportunities in the past to grow her skill set when it comes to being on the board of an organization.

  • She wrote and published a book and is in the process of another book

The name of Jeans’ book and if it can be found on Amazon? (27:25)

  • It can be found on Amazon. It’s in paperback or on Kindle.

  • The name of the book is when new customers how to attract, connect, and converting more prospects into customers in 60 days, using digital marketing.

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