Ryan Estes of Talklaunch

Ryan Estes is the founder and CEO of  Founder of Talklaunch. A friendly agency that makes it simple to improve sales every day. Ryan believes that no matter where you are in your entrepreneur journey be it validation, launch, or scale, podcasts will take you further. He is a strong advocate, believing that meaningful conversation is good for business and good for people.

What made Ryan go off on his own? (0:36)

  • Ryan explains that he had a sales job, and even though he had two young children at the time, his boss was a tyrant and he hated that.

  • He took some online courses about leadership and management and realized that he was in a toxic leadership environment.

  • Ryan says that after the courses, he also knew which leadership attributes he really respected and possessed.

  • Emboldened by this realization and equipped with two courses he decided to take the leap.

  • Being entrepreneurial minded Ryan had many different businesses, from a record label to a paint company.

  • Ryan says he reached a point where he realized that he had to go pro on the internet, so he funded Talk Launch and has been doing that ever since.

What exactly does Talk Launch do? (2:17)

  • Ryan explains that Talk Launch is primarily a social media management company that specializes in Facebook and Instagram advertising.

  • He says that this is usually in the realms of integrated marketing, automation, web development, and social media management.

  • Ryan indicates that everyone's needs may differ from person to person, but yet, everyone's eyes are still always on platforms such as Facebook and Instagram.

  • He demonstrates that all social media platforms such as Twitter, Snapchat, and even Pinterest have advertising ecosystems, but they all really pale in comparison to the Goliath that is Facebook and Instagram.

  • So as Talk Launch, they on-board the client, identify exactly what is the offer, and then they develop the customer journey to the sell

Since there has been such a shift in Facebook, what do you need to do to be successful? (4:17)

  • Ryan says that in the beginning, it was mainly all about posts, and kind of egalitarian, every post had the same weight. So you focused on building up your likes, and then you build a large audience.

  • He explains that now Facebook buries everyone's posts and an algorithm brings whatever fake news people are into to the top.

  • Ryan indicates that now you have to be very specific about your targeting in order to reach the audience that you wish to speak to.

  • Ryan also says that Facebook is always changing the business manager on Facebook, and there are always new options being made available and old options falling away, so the platform is constantly evolving.

With multi-channel campaigns what automation software does Ryan use? (8:15)

  • Ryan explains that there are a ton of different tools they use, and they are constantly switching out, and trying new tools

  • But for the most part, they try and stay within Facebook’s ad platform, because Facebook does reward people who use the platform, and it’s tools.

  • He says that they have used dashboards like Hootsuite to bring everything together in one place, But usually they will use native apps.

As a podcaster, how has Ryan been using his show? (12:21)

  • Ryan explains that his show is also a founder show and that he uses the show with respect to the audience that he has built up over the years.

  • He says that he mainly uses the show to answer the questions that have been sent to him.

  • Ryan also says that he has found the podcast to be a valuable networking tool, allowing him to connect with other CEO’s and founders that have information that he finds interesting and valuable.

  • He says that under normal circumstances it would be very difficult to speak to these CEO’s and founders unobtrusively for an hour.

What are some upcoming plans Ryan has? (15:00)

  • Ryan indicates that he has a couple of things that he is working on at the moment.

  • He just recently had to kill a project that he was working on. It was a crowdfunding platform for the service industry, and although it was successful, it was not scale-able.

  • Ryan says that it is really easy for entrepreneurs to fall in love with an idea, especially after spending hours and hours on making the idea better.

  • So now he is really perfecting the validation process as an entrepreneur, to determine if an idea is really worth it or not.

  • Ryan says that he is really excited to be working on the emotional state of entrepreneurs and remote workers, defining what it is that causes them emotional turmoil. And seeing how he can do something about making life easier for them emotionally.

  • He would like to deliver services and software that can help breed connections and help people hold off these difficult feelings in a way that may be more productive.

Ryan’s Recommendation

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